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The eponymous tea rooms sit in the heart of the historic downland village of Ditchling just across from the ancient church.  If you’re looking for somewhere cosy and comfortable for a pot of tea then this is your place. It may be  slightly worn around the edges, a  bit confused in its sense of decor and with a rather lived-in feel like a comfy pair of slippers but it’s the home of the giant scone.  I wonder if this USP will be enough to  brave off the stiff competition for a cuppa in a world where latest styles and trends hold sway.

All within spitting distance of the tea rooms there’s the recently opened Mr Magnolia’s coffee shop right on the crossroads as well as the brand new Ditchling Art and Craft museum’s cafe by the pond.  For such a tiny village it’s become a bit of a cafe hotspot all of a sudden. Is there a bun fight for the competition or will they all attract their own particular clientele?

We’d taken the train to Hassocks and walked along the small lane past the restored Oldland windmill and then the contour-following footpaths  with views to the South Downs before dropping into the village. It’s a restorative 50 minutes  walk and and an easy way to escape the city, breath in lungfuls of  fresh country air  and soak up loads of Sussex village charm.

The original beamed tea rooms have a bakery attached with many of their cakes and a wicker tray of  their famous giant scones on show in the period bow window. There’s a lovely aroma from the log fire burning slowly in the grate in the back room. During the summer the walled patio garden is my favourite spot but on a cold winter’s day inside was a preferable  warm and cosy choice. They’re very much  traditional tea rooms and seem as if  they’ve always been here. Although no longer called Dolly’s Pantry, long-standing regulars like myself occasionally slip up in its nomenclature. You can tuck into soups, toasties, jackets and specials of the day and absorb some of its old world allure while facing off the inclement weather outside and refueling for the afternoon’s return walk.

The tea rooms have braved off competition before but the two new kids in the village come with their shiny stylish interiors and the vigour of just-opened new businesses. Only time will tell if there’s room for all three cafes in Ditchling.  So even if it’s not buns at dawn there’s bound to be at  least a battle of the cupcakes or maybe those giant scones will flatten any challengers.

Ditchling Tea Rooms



With Christmas just around the corner it was time to escape the frenzy of the shops and indulge in some cycling with a well planned tea stop en route. Half an hour’s bike ride away is Shoreham airport along Sustrans route 2, winding its way through Portslade, Southwick and then Shoreham.  The Adur was at high tide as I crossed over the Old Toll Bridge then turned south onto the airport perimeter road. The bright orange wind sock was showing a strong south-westerly wind though I knew that already on cycling the five or six miles to get here.

100_3863The airport cafe was reinvented as the Hummingbird some time ago,  bringing out all the best of its art deco features with the huge windows overlooking the airfield being the prime ones. You get wonderful views out towards the South Downs with Lancing College in the foreground with merry clouds scudding across the wintry blue sky.

It’s a huge roomy space with light oak flooring and chalky walls offset by the dark wood tables and chairs. There’s a touch of greenery from the huge sprouting pot plants and there’s even a mini grand piano with a programme of live music to look out for.

Given the season there was the ubiquitous sparkling tree and uplifting Michael Buble soundtrack of all the festive hits. It’s a place for families, friends and work colleagues to meet up, it’s got a bustle and an air of conviviality about it.

As it’s Truffles Bakery    who are the new operators, the freshly backed scones and cakes make a terrific spread and are very keenly priced. My pot of tea and delicious fruit scone came to just £2.80. Lunches are tasty too and they were doing a brisk trade. The friendly staff are kitted out in black with the white hummingbird logo and were busy keeping their customers happy.

Shoreham Airport  100_3874  has stacks of history surrounding it with the first flight taken by Harold Piffard on his self-built Hummingbird bi-plane on the 10th July 1910.

On the way back I cycled over the new Adur pedestrian and cyclists bridge and now with a bit of a tail wind behind me the homeward journey was a bit easier.

My daughter arrived back home for Christmas later in the day so it was business as usual with loud music blaring from her room and racket as she and her friend stumbled back in the small hours after clubbing. Or so she told me. I slept through it all, sound asleep after my blustery cycle ride to the Hummingbird.


Central park  has just as much buzz as the rest of Manhattan albeit in a more spacious setting. The park is a  massive patch of green space in the heart of the city and the New Yorkers come here to jog, cycle and play baseball with typical zeal and earnestness.  After all this is their small slot of time and space to exercise and they’re going to make the most of it.  Then there are the horse and carriage rides and the bike carriages too taking tourists on  trips around the park’s inner route adding to the general throng. All of  the city, as well as the park, has an air of familiarity  about it somehow, probably because  New York has been the backdrop to so many films and TV series.

A morning visit to The Met, which sits on the east side  with its breathtaking views over the park  from its roof garden, satisfied any cultural urges.  A more prosaic  need was to find a cafe for lunch. There are a few cafes dotted around the park and  after getting slightly lost in this vast area  with its  woods, rocks, tiny paths, reservoir and  turtle filled lake we came upon  Le Pain Quotidien. This  is an artisan bakers with a great array of tasty sandwiches and pastries. The outside terrace is perfect to take in the Manhattan skyline  behind a foreground of  trees. The park’s huge perimeter mean that you can’t hear or see the traffic on the nearby Avenues.

For observing  a different  side of Manhattan, a prime spot on the cafe terrace held my attention for ages. From young Latino girls pushing their privileged charges about in  their prams while mom is out working to the young women in their gorgeous designer shift dresses immaculately poised and groomed with their Chanel handbags hanging effortlessly over their arm. Preppy boys actually exist, coiffed and sporting dashing blazers with the requisite brown brogues  and straight legged chinos direct from a J Crew advert.

I remember reading in Alain de Boton’s wonderful Art of Travel about a philosopher  who liked to just sit at train stations or ports rather than traveling through them himself. It was more about sitting  and observing and  imagining the stories  about all the lives moving  in  and about the scene before him, thereby  saving himself all the stresses and discomfort of travel. I can identify with his point of view and observing Manhattan life from the parks, High Line walkway and cafes  were some of the best parts of my trip.

Spotting what I  thought  looked like a film shoot just  a short way away  I  wandered over to see that it was Kevin Bacon doing a jogging scene for an upcoming Warner Brothers production. So my impressions of New York being like some huge film set are not so off target. Real life will seem very tame on my return home.


Le Pain Quotidien

100_2818I’ve now got a few hours work a couple of days a week so I’m  regularly in Brighton town centre  on the look out for  a cafe to  chill a bit  once work is done.   On my way to Angel Food Bakery  walking along Bond Street I passed Catwalk cafe which looks remarkably similar to  the cafe I was heading for.  A concept Imported from New York some years ago, the cupcake cafe idea has obviously taken root in Brighton. It looks like Angel Food has some competition champing at its heels now.  Cupcake wars are afoot.

100_2821Set in the narrow old town quarter of the Lanes, Angel Food Bakery in Meeting House Lane can be spotted by its bold cupcake signage as you browse along the shops in  the narrow red brick paved passageway.The sweet aroma of  sugar wafts over you when you first walk in. Make the most of the scent as after a few minutes your  sense of smell  grows accustomed  and you barely notice it.  The staff tell me that they don’t notice  the  sugar rich air at all now.  They had however noticed the new competition along the road and commented on the prices which were at least 20% higher.

Inside there are  bright white painted walls with  one chocolate brown one flaunting their  cupcake logo. The  tall tables and chairs are all white painted too  and a nod to the heavenliness  of the  morsels on offer.   There’s a great counter seating spot by the window where you can sit and watch  tourists getting lost in the maze of alleyways outside.  Fresh yellow daffodils in white ceramic tea pots on each table hold the promise of  Spring with their  jaunty, bold colour.

But its cupcakes that are king here and what a 100_2823display  there is on the counter. There’s chocolate orange,  cappuccino, red velvet, rocky road, carrot and even choc choc cupcake.  There are some baby cupcakes too if you just want a tiny morsel as well as huge multi-layered sponge cakes straight from the bakery if you want even more than just a cupcake. The Victoria sponge had a cream filling at least an inch thick. Everything is baked on the premises and you can peek through the large glass window at the back and see the baking live in action and the reason for all the wonderful aromas.

As there are only twelve seats inside  its just as well that chalked up blackboards list the takeaway deals and any specials. While I was there the baker came  through  with samples of  a  wholemeal banana,  nuts and seeds muffin for those that were looking for a healthier option.  This alternative might  seem a bit  counter-intuitive as once you step in here all thoughts of healthy choices are at the back of your mind but there is something for everyone now.  My day’s work might be done but the good people of Angel Food Bakery are still busy developing their range and easily staving off any competition.

Angel Food Bakery


My interview was over and I was going through the usual mixture of nerves and post mortem of how I’d responded to questions and my thoughts on the role on offer  and thought I deserved a treat. The Real Patisserie bakery cafe was just below the office  where the interview had taken place so it seemed like an obvious choice.

I’m a huge fan of Real Patisserie bread but hadn’t visited their cafe before.  The two south-west facing doors were wide open allowing the  fresh air in and the regular stream of customers too. Its a busy place and not in the slightest  a chilled out spot but with lots of bustle and people coming and going. My gaze  took in the wonderful spread of pastries both sweet and savoury, the fresh fruit tarts, the freshly baked quiches, the filled baguettes and placed my order.

There’s one long oak table  opposite the serving area with a bench running down either side giving a communal feel. I grabbed a corner of the wooden seating  and took in my surroundings.  My cappuccino and pain au raisin were delicious and I hungrily devoured  my choice of pastry and supped on my hot drink.

Blackboards hanging from the ceiling advertise the specials on offer and you can take your pick from the open wooden racks below of savouries and pizzas all with tantalising  fillings and toppings.

The small bakery area towards the back was a hive of activity as dough was pummeled and  shaped and cheese topped croissants were put in the oven for baking. There’s a great yeasty aroma filling the space and a magnificent line up of bread, crusty and fresh ready for choosing from: white sourdough, chewy brown, artisan baguette.  Presently there is a display of coloured wood cut prints  of Sussex on the walls of familiar scenes such as Birling Gap and Firle Beacon giving a local feel.

My appetite sated I bought a large loaf  to take away of their wholemeal rye and walnut bread which is one of my favourites. I think I’ll be coming back here more often to buy their sumptuous   produce as, by the way, I got the job!

Real Patisserie

Cafes continue apace to open and you begin to wonder if there will come a point when Brighton and Hove has sufficient numbers of them  to meet the demand of its residents and visitors.  That point doesn’t seem to have been reached yet as the newly opened Flour town  bakery and cafe was doing a roaring trade on my first visit there. It’s been open about four weeks and it was time for me to pay a visit.

The look is clean and modern with a bit of retro and industrial thrown in for good measure. The walls are light grey tongue and groove and the flooring pale grey  wood effect.  Its the seating that is a bit different from the norm,   I remember this style of chair from my own days of having school dinners. The wooden seating and back rest parts have been restored and varnished  but the metal frames  have  been left naturally distressed  adding  a touch of character contrasting with the simple  formica topped tables.

A mum with her two young daughters had ordered toast and were making use of a  startlingly bold orange  Dualit toasters,  one of two  on each of the longer tables in the centre of the room.  It’s all very hands on here with the jam and marmalade in china tea cups  ready for customers  to dig into.

A tall aluminium rack displays the Infinity Foods artisan bread  which is the first time I’ve seen Infinity bread being sold this side of North Road. The rest of the pastries and cakes on offer are all baked and put together on the premises  and displayed temptingly on the counter top next to a gorgeous vase of tall fresh flowers.  From the savoury breakfast mushroom  pastries to the home made cupcakes and amazing looking Oreos oozing with cream filling there is plenty to be enjoyed here. It was still early enough for customers to be tucking into  muesli with raspberries and pecans as well as  granola with  Greek yoghurt and fruit compote, both served in  white enamelled metal  bowls with dark blue rims. Black coffee seemed to be served in glass tumblers.

There’s a great range of salads and sandwiches for those seeking something a bit different in the middle of the day.  Outside there is plenty of  bright white seating on the wide pavement with the tables adorned with  not flowers this time but growing herbs in shiny aluminium planters. One of the chefs popped out to pick some fresh Rosemary from the pot on the  table just through the window where I was seated to add to  one of the dishes he was preparing.

As well as friends meeting for breakfast there were a few business meetings going on along with the mums entertaining their kids off for the summer holidays.  Flour town is in a great location just at the point where Church Road turns into Western Road and looking westwards towards Palmeira Square.  So fingers crossed that this is one of the cafes that will make the distance and become  a firm fixture on the local cafe scene.

Flour town bakery and cafe

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