I’d always thought that Wish Park was in need of a cafe.  And now it has one.  Last year  Carla  saw  the potential  of  the  sports pavilion and set about  transforming part of  it into an inviting and popular  park cafe.  There’s already an abundance of regulars who stop by to spend some time in this haven of scrumptious treats.

100_2978Carla is Italian and is a real powerhouse of energy bringing all her native passion to creating a great neighbourhood cafe. When she’s not working as a member of  the cabin crew with British Airways  and jetting all over the world she’s here in Hove coming up with new ideas to develop her cafe further.  She brings her natural friendliness and  flair for customer service  to everyone she meets.  Chatting to customers comes so naturally to her you feel as if you’ve known her for ages.

There are blackboards chalked up with  everything  on offer and its worth taking your time to choose.  Unusually Wish Cafe bakes all their own cakes on site. There’s a tiny kitchen where amazing baking aromas waft through with wonderful orange & vanilla upside-down cake and lemon & yoghurt cake being  just two of Wish’s specialities displayed on the counter.

Breakfasts are rather special too with choices including  baked egg and beans on sourdough toast or creamy mushrooms with poached egg on toasted ciabbatta with Parmesan shavings.  There’s fish finger ciabbattas too for the big kid in us all. Teas served are Clipper and I’m told the coffee is pretty good too.

There’s both indoor and outdoor seating so if 100_2979it’s a bit chilly you can sit inside and browse on the pile of magazines  with windows overlooking the park.  This space is painted bright white with fresh red tulips  on the plain pine wooden tables.  Or sit outside on the small decking area on  a sunnier day and watch the trees come into bud and be more part of the park’s  life.

I’ve been watching the Arena documentary of George Harrison’s life called  Living In The Material World     made by Martin Scorsese. It’s been fascinating to observe the complete span of this ex-Beatle’s remarkable life from young teenager until his death in  late middle-age.  His journey  from cocky adolescence to spiritual sage was  compelling  given  his  supreme musical  talent  to  express  his understanding of the world.

I suppose we all would wish to know and understand our own talents so well and use them to such accomplished  effect.  Seeing people in full flow of their inherent talents  such as Carla with her energy and affability  is both uplifting and inspiring. As George Harrison said  “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece but not too much.”   Wish  is as good a place  to start as any to taste a bit of  what the world has to offer  and make sure you have  a slice of their  delicious home made cake while you’re there.

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